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Convenience and simplicity are the key moments that are appreciated in advertising. And the brand wall is an excellent confirmation of these characteristics. Nowadays it is impossible to imagine any event  without brand wall  with its mobile and convenient design, that is widely used in the advertising industry.

The current technology allows delivering the brand wall to its destination in a light and compact container, which one man can handle. In addition, the assembly of the structure will take a minimum amount of time and effort. As a result, you can spare the time saved by preparing for your event, as well as for visitors.

The main strengths sites of brand wall are:

ease of construction;

the opportunity to disassemble and assemble the stand without the help of professionals;

compactness in transportation;

the possibility of using the design many times and at different events;

inexpensive price;


with proper handling, the stand will last for many years.

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Мастерская рекламы и деловых событий