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On average, the billboard has 3 seconds to attract the attention of the driver, and 10 seconds to interest the pedestrian. By creating overloaded text boring billboards, you already lose money and do not acquire new customers. Therefore, outdoor advertising should be bright and interesting, but as simple and understandable as your target audience.

Today, billboards are the same part of the city’s architecture as monuments and other structures. The presence of your brand on the billboard will state the size and serious intentions of your company. But billboards are thousands, and your brand is one. Therefore, you need to somehow stand out, become not one of many, and thus a special billboard.

We know how to highlight the message of your company and submit it so sharply to reach the consumer. We create the most attractive design for a person who quickly moves around the city. We know how to design not only a noticeable, but also a memorable billboard.

Trust the professionals of Your Event Solution, and we will create an effective design of other advertising materials.

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Мастерская рекламы и деловых событий